Tell me your working hours?

Our website 1 Year Loans UK arrange round the clock services. This means you have the facility to contact us and apply with us at anytime you want, without any time constraint hurdle.

How do I apply with you?

In order to apply with us you just have to fill in a simple online application form with few basic personal details and submit it. There is no processing fee charged for using loan application form. Lenders will process your loan application and you will get desired funds to your bank account in a short time span.

How much I can borrow and what about repayment term?

You can borrow sufficient amount of funds upon approval of loan application, depending on your present financial standing, needs and repayment potential. There will be flexible and extended time period offered to you for the repayment of loan.

What about APR? Will I be able to manage it?

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a common and compulsory method for comparing finance. It can be calculated on the basis of amount you are about to avail and on repayment tenure. Yes, it is easy to manage it, without facing any apprehension.

What all required to prove my eligibility for loans?

Lenders have laid down few very easy preconditions which you are necessary to meet ahead of approval of loans. You just need to confirm your age of eighteen years at least or older than that, have valid healthy bank account that accepts direct deposit and proof of having regular source of income.

My credit history has negative mark. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply for 1 Year Loans UK without bothering your negative mark on your credit file. All your bad credit issues are also acceptable here. In fact you can turn your bad credit status into good by simply paying back borrowed loan amount in due time.

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